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"The Thing" is the latest pre-workout from Black Madness and like the legendary movie with the same name - it is extremely scary in a good way.
With a combination of classic "Old school" ingredients such as creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, arginine and caffeine, together with the most interesting "new school” ingredients such as red spinach extract and Gotu kola, "The Thing" becomes more powerful than previous pre-workouts.
In recent years there has been a lot of successful research regarding natural nitrate and its performance enhancing effects. Therefore, "The Thing" contains just red spinach extract which is one of the plants with absolutely highest natural content of nitrate. Together with Gotu kola, that gives you the right mental ability, "The Thing" will be your new favorite horror! Beyond That, it also contains ginseng, rose rot, schisandra and black tea extract that everyone contributes to balance and optimize the mental ability to reach your absolute max.
And with almost 10 grams of the amino acids arginin-AKG and Citrullin malat, your muscles will be filled with that long-awaited pump sensation. In addition to that "The Thing" contains several grams of BCAA. And as we all know, it's these branched amino acids that are primarily associated with the development of muscular processes.





ZMAsh can best be described as an updated and developed ZMA product.
The now popular ZMA products, which mainly contain the minerals zinc and magnesium, supports the body in a variety of important areas. Which particularly applies to those who train hard on a everyday basis. The really big breakthrough for ZMA started as a self-medicated supplement to make it easier to relax and reduce insomnia. In this category ZMAsh will become an outstanding product that uniquely combines essential minerals with powerful plant extracts, to optimize your everyday recovery and sleep.
Since the need for minerals increases when you are physically active, ZMAsh contains as much zinc and magnesium per dose that can be legally manufactured today. A relative deficiency of these minerals can easily arise in a everyday situation that is physiologically challenging. Before it makes itself known, one can have lost training related targets or key recovery. A healthy magnesium level are essential for normal muscle function, protein synthesis and electrolyte balance. The level of zinc is very important to your workout results since the zinc, among other things, contributes to normal testosterone levels and a functioning immune system. The fact is that clinical studies have seen positive results in terms of strength and recovery on contributions of just zinc and magnesium, and this in both well trained and untrained individuals.
But what makes ZMAsh unique is the combination of two additional interesting ingredients derived from plants. One is the amino acid Theanine. Theanine is not yet particularly common as a single supplement. However, it is used in its naturally occurring form of very great extent. Theanine is namely one of the main ingredients in green tea, and suggest that it is precisely Theanine that contribute to the calming properties that green tea have. This is because the Theanine may affect neurotransmitters in the brain which lead to higher levels of serotonin, and dopamine, strongly associated with mood and well-being.
The second extract is one of the most talked about and most powerful herbs in Indian medicine and is known as Ashwaganda, or also known as Indian ginseng. Traditionally Ashwaganda used for its physiological and psychological characteristics, and recently there have been clinical studies backing up these theories. Regular use of Ashwaganda seem to be able to contribute to improved recovery and strength gains, but also cardiovascular improvements. What makes Ashwaganda perfect for this kind of product is the way it can affect peoples mental health and mood. The evidence suggests that the herb works as an adaptogen, which is a primary regulator of your stress. This results in improved relaxation abilities, but also increased concentration and motivation.
ZMAsh is an excellent everyday supplement for those who want a hard physical exertion without negative effects. ZMAsh can be taken any time during the day, but it is recommended to take ZMAsh about 30 minutes before bedtime to increase your daily recovery.





Now, finally the first "Ready-To-Drink" Pre-Workout worthy of the name is here.
Black Widow is a concentrated premixed PWO comparable to the performance enhancer in powder form. Similar products on the market today are mostly restrained with active substances and contain caffeine, and therefore, they have no noticeable effect. It is not all unusual having to take two servings, or combine several different prod-ucts, to get the desired effect.
BlackWidow will clearly be the most toxic product in its category, and there will be no need to exceed your intake. Black Widow contains about twice as much of the active substances (other than caffeine) as the popular "Ready-To-Drink" Pre-Workout engines today. With 4 grams of Citrulline Malate and 1 gram of Arginine HCL you will receive a hearty "Shut-Up-Pump". And with a full 3 grams of Beta-Alanine you will within minutes of getting that tagging and spider creeping feeling that you need to enter the gym and do another workout. In addition, Beta-Alanine keeps the lactic acid away so you can train at a higher level for longer period of time.
What really makes the Black Widow stand out are the 25 milligrams of Teacrin. Teacrin will be supplements next generation of stimuli. The substance is usually described as an updated and improved version of caffeine. This combination will provide a more concentrated and long-term focus on training, compared to what caffeine alone can achieve. And unlike caffeine, it seems like the body is not able to build up a tolerance to Teacrin. In other words, you get the same energizing effect no matter how many times, or for how long, you use the product.
Black Widow is one of the strongest and most invigorating pre-mixed drinks on the market. In addition to that, your body will never build up a tolerance.
– Like the vicious venom of the Black Widow.




BCAA 6:6:6

In recent years it has become increasingly popular with amino acids instead of protein. Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, and proteins act as building blocks for muscles. There are also other benefits from amino acids, in addition to the role of building blocks. The three most interesting amino acids are those  known as BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), which is L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine. L-Leucine has a certain key role as it tells how much amino acids your muscles can utilize to influence muscle growth. Iso-Leucine is a corner stone of L-Leucine and affect the anabolic growth phase positive. L-Valine has a role in muscle growth, but also contributes to an increased mental acuity during the long, hard workout.
The levels of the different amino acids in a BCAA product is of utmost importance and Diablo Negro, which has a total of about 8 grams of pure BCAA, is the first BCAA on the market too be inspired by "The Number Of The Beast - 6: 6: 6 ". With its modified BCAA conditions Diablo Negro is developed to stimulate muscle growth, improve recovery and reduce mental fatigue during physical exertion.
For the muscles to be able to work and recover at a maximum level, it is required that a sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen are transported by the blood to the muscles. That is why Diablo Negro contains the amino acids L-Arginine and Citrulline Malate. This amino acids helps to expand the blood vessels in the working muscles so that more blood can be pumped through the vessels. This also means that you get a more comfortable pump and a swelling feeling in the muscles.  
Usually you drink BCAA during exercise, but the problem with most BCAA drinks is that they are not pH adapted (acid/alkaline balance) after the body's pH-balance. The most common electrolytes that regulate this are sodium and potassium. Of course, we also used a thorough calculated amount of these electrolytes in Diablo Negro, so that the addition of sodium and potassium results in a more neutral body acid/base balance which allows the effects of the product too be both rapid and effective.





A diet-friendly pancake with no need for added flavors to get a "mouthgasm"!
Hayes Pancake is a phenomenal juicy protein pancake that contains real fruits and berries. This provides a moist and crispy texture with a naturally sweet taste rounded with a slight flavor of vanilla. It is also completely free of both lactose and gluten!
You fry them in the waffle iron or like regular pancakes. And thanks to the impressive wholesome content they are a perfect choice for any meal.





With the first version of Crazy Hayes, Black Madness created a new standard for extreme pre-training workouts. When it was taken off the shelves, it created a black hole for pre-workouts that no one else could fill.
But now, the solution to many people's needs has arrived, Crazy Hayes 2.0. With an entirely new concept, Crazy Hayes 2.0 becomes a must among your supplements. Like its predecessor, we have ignored "sweet and cute" flavors. The best PWO's has only one purpose, they should enter your mouth and make a difference. So now Black Madness takes a trendsetting step forward and introduces The Hardcore Scoop.
Crazy Hayes 2.0 should not be mixed in a shaker - taking a heaping scoop directly in your mouth and washing it down with the nearest optional beverage, that´s the ticket. If you can´t handle it, you will find Crazy Hayes 2.0 too strong for you anyway.
In terms of content there have been some of the most interesting news lately, namely the exotic plant Cupuacu. The plant contains a highly interesting substance which is extremely energizing. Don´t be surprised if this extract will be a new, stronger successor to caffeine. Theoretically, this extract effects both adenosine and dopamine regulations which are two extremely important systems for controlling the body's energy level. With a strong synergistic effect with caffeine (250mg) in Crazy Hayes 2.0, you can easily workout for two hours without any major impact regarding energy or focus levels. The fascinating thing is that the body does not build up a tolerance to the extract. The same intense and long-lasting energy boost you get the first time still appears after the fourth jar.
With generous doses of the active vasodilator substances Agmatine and Arginine AKG, Crazy Hayes 2.0 will give you more pressure in your veins than you ever had before. Thanks to the matrix "Rapid Absorption Technology" all substances are absorbed faster by the body - so you will feel both the pump, the energy high and the razor-sharp sense of 3 grams of high quality Beta-alanine within minutes after you have swallowed a Hardcore Scoop.

You can of course use a shaker and 3 cups of water with your scoop of Crazy Hayes 2.0 (laughing).

Dr. Black Madness





Since the first version of Black Nitro and its sequel Black Nitro 2.0 was released, they have remained at the top of the sales charts. With unique compositions, they have given a euphoric feeling of energy while effectively reducing hunger. We now bring you the most concentrated version yet, Black Nitro 3.0.
With a completely new chemically decaffeinated stimuli called Teacrine, you will get an energy boost that can be compared with a more effective form of caffeine. The effect of the new stimulus disappears very slowly compared to caffeine. Only a few major international brands have begun using Teacrine, which is very expensive to produce. Therefore, many brands use only a small amount of Teacrine. Black Nitro 3.0 has a several times higher dose of Teacrine than most other brands.
In combination with a heavy dose of Coleus forskohlii, whose active substance has previously been classified as a medical drug, Black Nitro 3.0 has superior weight loss effects. The substance effects the cell's energy distribution and ensure that the energy consumption is high. Black Nitro 3.0 is perfect supplement to use in the morning or before working out as a profound extra boost.





Once you realize what it is you need, there is no longer any alternative. Black Madness new pre-workout personifies the attitude and feeling what real raw exercise is about. "Never Back Down" is today's most extreme and exceptional performance enhancer for those who do not want to have anything other than the most controversial.
Black Madness has since its start been the market leader when it comes to developing new and interesting products in the supplements. Now we are among the very first to use a completely new and untapped stimuli. The substance is derived from trees grown in the tropical rainforests and are called Cupuacu.
Cupuacu has extremely invigorating and energizing properties. It could be compared to a more powerful version of caffeine. In addition to the strong stimulant benefits there is no built up tolerance towards it, which otherwise is a well known problem. What makes Cupuacu even more interesting is that you do not develop any tolerance with time, no matter how much or how long you use it.
"Never Back Down" is the first pre-workout that you never will develop any tolerance to. And just like the soul of "Black Madness", we accept no adversity or defeat. We will never back down to anyone or anything, and now we're giving you the chance to follow in our footsteps.
With hefty doses of the most effective Arginine (Arigin-AKG), the performance-enhancing Citrulline Malate and with a high-tech engineered modified whey peptide, called Nitro-PEP, the flow of blood to the blood vessels will expand to its full capacity. In combination with Beta-alanine you will get an awesome pump with an increased amount of nutrients to the muscles, and with a reduced lactic acid production, which helps you achieve maximum.
When the training gets really hard it is easy to lose both physical and mental concentration. We at "Black Madness" believes that most pre-workouts on the market today aren´t able to maintain a sufficiently high concentration level to push your muscles to their utmost. With a cocktail of Rhodiola, Forskolin and Amaranthus Cruentus "Never Back Down" provides sustained energy and a focus feeling that maxes capacity in the smallest individual muscle cells up to the central parts of the brain that controls your mental abilities.





Everyone knows you need to start your day in the best possible way. And, you need a healthy morning routine that gives you the nutrients and protein you crave. Therefore, we at Black Madness developed the perfect morning protein. We decided to call it "Morning Glory" because it is such a good way to start the day…

"Morning Glory" is a so-called mixed protein. It contains whey that have a rapid uptake and appears anabolic on your muscles after a long nights fasting. In addition to the whey it also contains casein. Casein is a "slow protein" with a longer retention time. This reduces the bodys natural protein degradation, so you do not loose any of your muscle mass. But, what makes 'Morning Glory" so special is the unique combination of healthy dietary fiber, fatty acids from omega-3 and the super fruits such as goji, acai and more. A serving of "Morning Glory" contains over 20 grams of high quality protein, 500 mg vital fats from omega-3, 4 grams of dietary fiber and a bursting amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
And because we use real corn as raw material, we get almost the same health benefits as the traditional oatmeal. With a high content of dietary fiber you get balanced blood sugar levels while providing a healthy and prosperous stomach. One of the fiber types we find in oats are called beta-glucan. The interesting thing about this particular type of fiber is that it is important for the regulation of your blood fats, it can namely lower your LDL-cholesterol.
So, now you can avoid all the fuzz with your regular porridge. "Morning Glory" is the porridge 2.0 and is perfect for the modern healthy athlete.
By the way, did you know that acai has 10 - 30 times more antioxidants than grapes and blueberries. Or that goji berries contains more vitamin C than an orange and as much beta-carotene as a carrot. "Morning Glory" should have a prominent place in your diet as it helps to increase muscle mass and provied for a healthier living. Not only that. We have also used the freeze-dried pieces of real berries, which gives a fuller and more exclusive taste.
Made with the best, for the best.
- The perfect breakfast everyday.





Whey 80? Whey 100? What kind of protein supplement do you use? Do you know what the numbers even stand for, and how clean is your protein supplement anyway?  

Loking at randomly chosen protein supplements (whey) the protein amount often measures between 75 - 82 grams per 100 grams of supplement. Why so low, you might ask yourself.
We at Black Madness asked ourselves the same question. So, finally a whey-based protein supplement that is worth mentioning. "Move bitch get out da Whey" is a high quality whey supplement with 90 grams of protein, of which 8 grams of BCAA per 100 g powder. This means you will avoid all unnecessary extra calories from the natural milk-products, such as saturated fats and sugar. "Move bitch get out da Whey" is one of the few protein supplements that can be classed as sugar-free!
Besides being one of the purest whey protein supplements on the market, each serving also contains 2 grams of glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid that has been used to improve the muscular recovery for a long time, and is also known for its positive effects on the immune system. Apart from that we have chosen to add omega-3 fats that is not only important for the heart and brain, but may also have a strengthening effect on your muscle development.
"Move bitch get out da Whey" is our definition of what a true whey protein should look and taste like - so, "Move bitch get out da Whey 'cuz this is the Whey it should be.





The creatine of the future is already here!

With a massive dose of ten grams of creatine per serving, your muscles creatine levels will be maximized.
Gladiator Killer contains an innovative combination of three different types of creatine, which contributes to increased muscle strength. For the creatine to be absurbed by the muscle cells as efficiently as possible, it must not be broken down into creatinine. Thanks to the unique formula called Cell Breach the creatine is protected from degradation but also gets an improved effect.
Cell Breach consists, among other things, of bicarbonate that protects the creatine against the acidic lactic acid. In addition, it facilitates the transportation of creatine into the blood and into muscle cells thanks to a carefully balanced dose of sodium and chromium.
Most people know that the hormone insulin has a strong influence on cells absorption capacity, and the fact is that the absorption of creatine can improve by insulin-like effects. For that reason Gladiator Killer contains both R-ALA and cinnamon extract, which enhances insulin effects on muscle cells. The result is that you get a higher amount of creatine in the muscles with the Gladiator Killer than you get with an ordinary creatine.


Black Madness BLACK FIRE



Black Madness BLACK FIRE is here!

Unlike many other fat burners Black Fire are completely free of caffeine and designed to maximize the fat burning thermogenic effect.
With a high dose of Butch T pepper, which was formerly the world's strongest chili peppers, you will feel that a powerful effect of metabolism is enhanced. This is because the Butch T pepper is naturally rich in capsaicin, a substance that gives heat to chilis.
Black Fire also contains nicotinic acid and ginger extract that further enhance the thermogenic effect. At the same time it might give an appetite suppressant effect.
Citrus aurantium (bitter orange fruit) has a natural content of synephrine which are known to increase the body's burning of fat and carbohydrates. Along with synefrinets stimulating effect on the sympathetic nervous system, which makes you more energetic, bitter orange extract is an excellent addition for those who are on a diet.
Black Fire also contains Garcinia cambogia which contains an acid, often abbreviated HCAq, that is said to have a beneficial effect on weight balance.
One of the latest additions used for increased fat loss is Coleus forskohlii. This substance is said to increase both the cells natural way to break down fats, as well as stimulating hormone that speeds up the body's metabolism.